*Exclusive* Audio (sorta) of Luka Doncic After Fouling Out in Game 3
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Amin gives his recap from being at game 3 of the Celtics vs the Mavs. The Mavs lost but put up a good fight; even so, Amin feels the Mavs didn't deserve the win because of poor play. Charlotte is just happy that the Celtics were able to capitalize without Porzingis. Luka fouling out helped their case, but Charlotte and Amin think it's a bigger fish to fry with how it was handled by refs, Luka, and fans. Luka is great but still has a lot to learn, both on and off the court. Amin got up close in the press conference with Head Coach Jason Kidd, and you tell us if Jason Kidd liked Amin's question. We also get to analyze some of Jerry West's greatest quotes and relate them to current players in the NBA.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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