Clever Girls And Bad Science: The Jurassic Park Reread
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Cian enjoys a coffee (forgot to mention the beverage but hey the episode's long enough already) at the cabin in the woods and pores over Michael Crichton's seminal 90s dino-stuffed techno-thriller. He still loves Crichton ... but discovers more troubling themes within the story this time around. Join us for a slightly uncomfortable, and extra-long, revisiting of a classic. Come for the dinosaurs, stay for the analysis of anti-environmentalism! :) -Crichton's later unfortunate foray into the world of climate denial -The extended universe of Jurassic Park -What dinosaurs are canonically in JP? -Book Hammond (spiteful corporate greedbag) vs film Hammond (just wants to make children happy) -JP as a Frankenstein story -Crichton's attitude towards science vs industry -The reality of de-extinction -Wild west genetics & the birth of Ingen -The dinosaur renaissance -Hammond's tiny elephant! NOTES Our Patreon! Take a look. It's lovely :) And You Call Yourself A Scientist Drilled
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