Duncan Rhodes returns to Counter Charge to talk all things miniatures, paint, and wargaming
Published 05/11/22
Nick Williams joins us in the studio to chat about terrain building and the upcoming Northern Kings GT in Ossett on June 18th-19th, 2022. Northern Kings GT Event Site Northern Kings Website
Published 05/04/22
Join the Counter Charge team as they present a collection of clips covering this years Lonewolf GT in Dallas, Texas.
Published 04/27/22
Join the Counter Charge team as they present a collection of clips covering this years Lonewolf GT in Dallas, Texas.
Published 04/19/22
Rob is joined by Adepticon 2022 Champion Jeff Schiltgen and Best General Jesse Berglund to chat about all things Adepticon!
Published 04/06/22
Jeremy is joined by the returning Steve Hildrew and Mantics own Pretzel Twinkie to talk all things Twilight Kin.
Published 03/16/22
Nathan Clevenger and Joey Greek join Rob in the studio to chat about all things Night Stalkers.
Published 03/10/22
Join us as a panel of players from King of Monsters chat about a host of topics including what are the top armies in the game, most improved armies, new spells and overlooked magical artifact combos.
Published 02/23/22
TTT: https://tabletop.to/sweaty-gigante-2022-universal-battle-2-tournament Rulepack: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VAvaxi-pLnn5lbpi4tP-_T_qGsKP_WlSME-bWQ_RCRg/edit?usp=sharing Donations can be made to the following PayPal and Vennmo accounts: Paypal: @KeithConroy961 Vennmo: @Keith-Conroy-2 Please upload your list to: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DAzWZ4wnqw8dUqlrqP-Y8TVBVxVAvMEL?usp=sharing . Discord Server: https://discord.gg/36tpnAZypdTTT | Sweaty Gigante 2022 Universal...
Published 02/20/22
Tom Annis joins the team to share his thoughts and experiences on Halflings in the ALL TO EARLY Halfling Army Review!
Published 02/16/22
Join a cavalcade of folks as we chat about what’s the best points level for Kings of War! To join this conversation head over to the Counter Charge Facebook Page and share your thoughts!
Published 02/13/22
Tonight we share a collection of clips with the various participants taken live at the Kings of Monsters GT in Batesville, AK.
Published 02/09/22
Jeremy is joined in the Narrative Workshop with the gang to talk all things halflings. It’s going to be fantastic!
Published 02/06/22
Tonight, Rob is joined by Taylor Gwilliams to chat about King of the Monsters GT held in Batesville, AK.  Huge thanks to Taylor for allowing us to document his preparation and retrogress through his first out of town Grand Tournament!
Published 02/02/22
Jeremy is joined in his prayers to Crom by Rashad, Brinton, and Kyle to talk all things Riddle of Steel..
Published 01/12/22
Mike Rossi joins a couple of old guys around the pickle barrel for a nice chat about all things Kings of War. Unplugged Radio PodcastDash 28 Community SiteDead of Winter GT
Published 01/05/22
Welcome to the first Review of 2021. Join our all Aussie affair as we explore the depths of the Mantic IP army, the Trident Realm. Intro00.14.30 Infantry00.39.30 Swarms00.48.20 Large Infantry1.04.30 Cavalry1.15.30 Monsters/Titans1.32.45 War Engine1.36.15 Break1.37.00 Heroes2.09.45 Formation2.12.45 Break2.13.00 Army discussion2.25.15 Listener Questions2.42.15 Example lists
Published 01/02/22
Happy Holidays and we hope you enjoy our 2021 Year in Review episode! We'd love for you to share with us your Hobby Commitments and a Kings of War prediction for 2022? Share it on the episode thread on our Facebook page which is linked below!
Published 12/23/21
Alex is joined by the other twin souls of Kings of War, reigning US Master, Keith Conroy and US Masters Counter Charger, Keith Randall, for a discussion about the Clash of Kings changes within the context of competitive list building. Gain some insights into the madman that took on the best of the best with the "worst" army in the game and came out on top and find out what makes the bridesmaid of the South East tick and why Elves aren't actually a lazy army that take no skill to use.
Published 12/14/21
Original King of the Monsters Dylan Scribner joins Rob in the studio to chat about why you should get out to a Kings of War event!
Published 12/08/21
Join Jeremy, Alex, Tom, and Brinton as they take a deep dive looking at the competitive meta scene post CoK 2022.
Published 12/01/21
Tonight Rob is joined by new player Taylor to chat about all things Clash of Kings. They give their initial impressions from their veteran and new player perspectives.
Published 11/09/21
Tonight we take a slight break from Kings of War to chat about the new edition of Deadzone with Deadzone super fan Tyler Schulz of the DreadPathZone YouTube Channel
Published 11/03/21
Welcome to our final episode in our CoK22 previews. Tonight we are joined by Tom Annis as we dissect the changes to one of the theme lists.
Published 10/27/21