Field Trip: A Hollywood Visit to the Writers Guild Strike Line
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Jump in, we’re going to the Valley to talk to cool, funny screenwriters about ... Artificial intelligence-drafted scripts! Trillion-dollar companies pretending they’re broke! Emmy-nominated writers with side hustles! Teamster bosses dropping mics! What an exciting time to gossip about Hollywood… labor unions! Listen, we all love watching our Programs and laughing, learning and loving. But things are getting WEIRD behind the scenes, and the Writers Guild of America is on strike, showing up in picket lines in front of movie and TV studios. Sometimes in costume. Sometimes with live mariachi bands. And always with the wittiest signs in showbiz, baby. I heard from the writers themselves about why this strike is so important in a rise in labor awareness all over the world. I meant for this episode to be 20 minutes long, but turns out – it’s pretty juicy.
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