The Star (Reversed). Though the waves are rough sometimes, The ocean is so beautiful.
Published 06/15/22
The Tower. Finally. Let's jump into a story.
Published 06/08/22
The Knight of Wands (Reversed). Another gift of another mirror. Who's looking back at us?
Published 06/01/22
The Eight of Swords (Reversed). A little perspective; a little exercise in letting go; A little story.
Published 05/26/22
The Eight of Pentacles. What can we learn from our fear? Oh, of course there is a story...
Published 05/18/22
The Seven of Wands. What is going on out there?
Published 05/12/22
Death. Fiction is difficult. Maybe a coffee, first.
Published 05/04/22
The Eight of Swords (Reversed). The Journey never ends. Let's follow a voice.
Published 04/27/22
The Ace of Cups. I was having the strangest dream. Wait...
Published 04/20/22
The Emperor. Powerful change comes with painful growth. Time for Truth.
Published 04/15/22
The Eight of Swords. Time to go on a journey. (Where?)
Published 04/07/22
The King of Wands. Let's lead each other through these shadows. I have a story about a party full of wonderfully creative guests.
Published 03/30/22
The Emperor (Reversed). There he is, and here I am. And it's time we continued our dance.
Published 03/16/22
The Devil (Reversed) and Death. They both made an appearance. We must honour that. What keeps us from transforming?
Published 03/09/22
The King of Cups. There's a strange ringing, in the trees. Let's answer some calls.
Published 03/02/22
The Six of Cups. What did you invent, as a child? I have a story about a girl and her imaginary friend.
Published 02/23/22
The World (Reversed). We can be so much more. A story about the dead; a song about living.
Published 02/16/22
The Eight of Swords. We each set traps for ourselves in our own way. Here's a story about a confused, angry, ravenous beast.
Published 02/09/22
The Nine of Cups. I am not interested in fear tonight. I am craving magic instead.
Published 02/03/22
The Ace of Pentacles (Reversed). I must be around here somewhere... I have a fairy tale for you.
Published 01/26/22
The Nine of Swords. I just had a terrible nightmare. I have a story about an artist, with his own nightmares to face.
Published 01/19/22
The Seven of Wands. This terrible cold is relentless. Three greedy adventurers set off on a journey.
Published 01/12/22
The Six of Cups. Two little stories, for someone who deserves them. Something is watching from the trees.
Published 01/06/22
The Lovers (Reversed). I got you a present for the solstice (this is your present). It's a myth. It's a love story. It's Chaos.
Published 12/22/21
The High Priestess. Can you see that other world, just there, beyond our own? I have a story about two friends who learned to travel in their sleep.
Published 12/15/21