AJ Roberts On Smashing The Fake Global Propaganda Narrative
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AJ Roberts' story is a prime example of how one decision can drastically alter the path of your life. At the age of just 19, he was given an ultimatum - go to jail or join the army. Thankfully, AJ chose the latter, and credits this single diversion as a true salvation in his life. Since leaving the military in 2018, AJ has put the considerable knowledge he's gained through serving in such places as Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, into not just founding a global wellbeing empire, but also investigating the darker side of the world around us, and daring to ask the uncomfortable questions around the propaganda and false narratives we're sold. In this episode, AJ returns to the show to talk about not just how he has learned to defy the lies but the best way of communicating this to people who have fallen behind in terms of consciousness, how propaganda works and how we can defy it, and the terrifying way in which the broken education system is turning an entire generation into a fearful one. KEY TAKEAWAYS When tumultuous events take place, our natural reaction is to fact find and in general, we accept the information we're given by the powers above. It's not until we begin to question this narrative that we gain a new level of consciousness. The sad fact is that we've been slowly conditioned to live inside a heightened state of anxiety without actually realising it. The powers on high have drip-fed a constant slew of terror to the populace, and are now reaping the benefits of the worldview they have created. Figures in the world are elevated through propaganda, to give us all someone to look up to and admire. While we are looking upwards at these figures, our pockets are being picked by clever marketing. The education system is fundamentally broken in that we are now turning out an entire generation of young people who enter the world with no confidence and too much fear. The only way to fix it is to talk directly to the children and understand how they wish to be taught so as to best prepare them for the future. BEST MOMENTS 'Being an observer has allowed me to see the amazing journeys of people' 'I learned how powerful the human body and mind really is' 'It's very difficult to be the change that you want to see in the world, when you're depressed and anxious yourself' 'The more we raise our awareness, the more we're able to discern what's BS and what's not' VALUABLE RESOURCES On A Mission - https://omny.fm/shows/on-a-mission   AJ Roberts Twitter - https://twitter.com/ajroberts_uk?lang=en AJ Roberts Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mrajroberts/ AJ Roberts - https://www.mrajroberts.com AJ Roberts Speaking Dates - http://www.mrajroberts.com/tour AJ Roberts 5 Day Course - http://www.mrajroberts.com/book-online Athletic Greens - http://athleticgreens.com/onamission  ABOUT THE HOST Not so long ago, life was barely recognisable for Ellie McKay, raising three children under five, battling post-natal depression, facing redundancy and walking into the job centre to claim benefits with a double pram, no confidence, and wracked with insecurities. Fast forward to today, and life looks very different. Ellie committed to turning her life around for herself and her family. Following this commitment, she got to work and has now built multiple successful companies, as well as having created a multimillion-pound property portfolio from a standing start. Ellie is now on a mission to make a positive impact and add value to others through her podcast which has attracted phenomenal guests worldwide. The show is specifically to help those trying to reach their full potential through its inspirational and motivational content, as well as challenging conventional wisdom to discuss all the “hot topics” in a relentless pursuit of the truth. CONTACT METHODS: Website: http://www.elliemckay.com LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/ellie-mckay/ Facebook: Facebook.com/ellie.mckay.3150 Instagram: https://instagram.com/ellie_mckay_offic
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