Evidence-Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked with Dr Aseem Malhotra
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This week's episode is a HUGE eye-opener.  Dr Aseem Malhotra is one of Britain's most influential cardiologists and a world-renowned expert in the prevention of heart disease. He is a pioneer of the lifestyle medicine movement in the UK and in 2018 was ranked by software company Onalytica as the number one doctor in the world influencing obesity thinking.  Dr Malhotra is also an international best-selling author and more recently an advocate against the use of other highly controversial vaccines having tragically lost his father during the pandemic.  From appearing on Good Morning Britain assuring viewers “traditional vaccines are the safest”, to seeing the evidence and alarming links between mRNA vaccines and heart disease, he now passionately advocates for the guidance to be changed.  In this hard-hitting episode, we talk about evidence-based medicine and highlight the World governments and Pharmaceutical companies who repeatedly prioritise their interests over public health Dr Malhotra has been going against the conventional narrative for over a decade as he highlights the overprescription of pharmaceutical drugs and the fraudulent way that medical trials are conducted which has not been without repercussions.  A fascinating insight into modern medicine and the murky world of Big Pharma 👀 KEY TAKEAWAYS We've always been encouraged to learn about the world in our own way - to explore and investigate for ourselves. But these rules only seem to apply so long as we're not asking questions about the people in power. Big pharma has now involved themselves do deeply in the murky business of selling the populace a lie, that it has no choice but to fight a secret war until they can spin their failure into victory. We cannot hope to fight against the pernicious, murderous narratives we're being sold unless we continue to fight for freedom of information, and begin a conversation on a global scale. There is a generally held perception that modern medicine is objective and an exact science, when in fact it's an applied science built upon shaky foundations of supposition and ever-changing variables. BEST MOMENTS 'The cover up here is worse than the crime' 'People are dying unnecessarily' 'This is how we change the narrative' '50% of the information taught at medical schools and foundations is obsolete within five years' VALUABLE RESOURCES On A Mission - https://omny.fm/shows/on-a-mission   Dr Aseem Malhotra - https://draseemmalhotra.co.uk Athletic Greens - http://athleticgreens.com/onamission  First Do No Pharm - https://www.nopharmfilm.com/  ABOUT THE HOST Not so long ago, life was barely recognisable for Ellie McKay, raising three children under five, battling post-natal depression, facing redundancy and walking into the job centre to claim benefits with a double pram, no confidence, and wracked with insecurities. Fast forward to today, and life looks very different. Ellie committed to turning her life around for herself and her family. Following this commitment, she got to work and has now built multiple successful companies, as well as having created a multimillion-pound property portfolio from a standing start. Ellie is now on a mission to make a positive impact and add value to others through her podcast which has attracted phenomenal guests worldwide. The show is specifically to help those trying to reach their full potential through its inspirational and motivational content, as well as challenging conventional wisdom to discuss all the “hot topics” in a relentless pursuit of the truth. CONTACT METHODS: Website: http://www.elliemckay.com LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/ellie-mckay/ Facebook: Facebook.com/ellie.mckay.3150 Instagram: https://instagram.com/ellie_mckay_official?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= OAM Instagram: https://instagram.com/onamissionshow?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= YouTube: https://youtube.com/@onamissionpodcast  This show was brought to you by Progressive Media
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