Is AI Really An Existential Threat? - with Mo Gawdat
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This week we are “On a Mission” with global innovator and thought leader, Mo Gawdat for an eye opening conversation about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on humanity. As someone who has experienced the development of AI first-hand as the former Chief Business Officer of Google X, Mo shares his insights on the potential dangers and benefits of AI technology. He discusses the fundamental differences between Eastern and Western values, highlighting the need for a balance between individualism and collective action.  We discuss the urgency of addressing the ethical and societal implications of AI, warning that the rapid advancements could pose significant threat to humanity. KEY TAKEAWAYS The core values of the West are freedom and a focus on the individual, while the core values of the East are respect and a focus on the collective. The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be both a threat and a benefit to humanity, depending on how it is controlled and used. AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace, surpassing expectations in terms of speed, intelligence, and ingenuity. The widespread use of AI has the potential to disrupt various aspects of society, including jobs, income, truth, and human connection. The definition of what it means to be human and the question of whether AI possesses a soul or life of its own are complex and debated topics. BEST MOMENTS "The core values of the West are freedom and a focus on the individual." "Humanity didn't survive the dangerous years because of any intelligence of any single one of us. We survived because we could actually be together as a tribe." "We're going through the most defining moment in human history… We rate wisdom by the one who dispenses it and our love and hate to them." "AI is now on track to develop. It's inevitable. It's going to be part of our life. It's already part of our life." "AI could be a dystopia that really destroys humanity as we know it. Or it could be a utopia that really creates an amazing dream life for all of us." VALUABLE RESOURCES On A Mission -   Athletic Greens -  Mexi Kit - - code: MISSION Mo Gawdat - ABOUT THE HOST Not so long ago, life was barely recognisable for Ellie McKay, raising three children under five, battling post-natal depression, facing redundancy and walking into the job centre to claim benefits with a double pram, no confidence, and wracked with insecurities. Fast forward to today, and life looks very different. Ellie committed to turning her life around for herself and her family. Following this commitment, she got to work and has now built multiple successful companies, as well as having created a multimillion-pound property portfolio from a standing start. Ellie is now on a mission to make a positive impact and add value to others through her podcast which has attracted phenomenal guests worldwide. The show is specifically to help those trying to reach their full potential through its inspirational and motivational content, as well as challenging conventional wisdom to discuss all the “hot topics” in a relentless pursuit of the truth. CONTACT METHODS: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: OAM Instagram: YouTube:  This show was brought to you by Progressive Media
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