From Anxious to Secure: 6 Shifts You'll Notice As You Heal
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In anticipation of the upcoming launch of my signature program Healing Anxious Attachment, today's episode is all about what changes you can expect as you heal your anxious attachment. I'll be sharing 6 shifts that you'll notice as you do the healing work and become more secure within yourself and in your relationships. We cover: learning to observe your anxious thoughts rather than be ruled by themnot feeling the urgent need to fix and problem-solve your relationshiptrusting that conflict isn't a matter of life or deathbuilding your self-worthlearning to enjoy your own companyMake sure you sign up to the Healing Anxious Attachment to save $100! Further Links & Resources Apply for my 6-month Homecoming Mastermind Download the free guide: Attachment 101 Follow me on Instagram: @stephanie__rigg & @onattachment Visit my website
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