5. On My Anxiety with Success
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This week Georgia has got some beef with The American Dream. She's in the midst of a cross country move and big life changes, yet the mind ponders- should you struggle to be successful? Why do we always worry about the "bad stuff" when good stuff comes along? She's not sure, but it's sure on her mind!
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She did it! This week, Georgia spills all the details from her LA move and ultimately has a revelation about why she thinks she is a fake person in group settings. Riddled with self doubt and fear, the main thing on her mind is how we can find self love during breakdowns.
Published 07/02/21
WELCOME BACK! Georgia is back from the 1 month hiatus that was moving across the country. This week, we revisit the last time G recorded in her NYC apartment. She reminisces on the good, the bad, and reminds us that it is okay to grieve on what once was while also looking forward to a bright...
Published 06/18/21
Welcome, welcome back to On My Mind! This week, Georgia goes over the idea of slowing down life, acknowledging when you've made a mistake, understanding that taking a step backwards is not failure, and the ultimate goal in life- believing in yourself! Flaws don't define you and she's ready to...
Published 05/14/21