OTB 130: Armour 101 with Sam Dwyer
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Armour 101 The boys are joined by Sam Dwyer to talk about modelling armour 101.   The Falcon reports in with a list of new kits and we find out what you have to say in listener mail. 
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The boys are joined by Lincoln Wright to talk about his new book “THE MA.K LINCOLN REPORT”.   To get a copy of the fantastic book go to https://www.paintonplastic.com/ to order your copy!
Published 05/14/22
Published 05/14/22
In this episode the boys talk to Neil Stokes about the strange cult called "AMPS", turns out that they are just everyday modellers like you and me! The Falcon writes in with news of new models coming out and we dive into the mailbag.
Published 04/30/22