Episode 200: what's changed since February 2017
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When the very first episode of On The Ledge dropped on February 2017, I wondered if anyone would bother listening to a podcast about houseplants… I think it’s safe to say the answer was yes! In this episode I reflect on what’s changed in my world and yours in the past four and a half years. For full show notes visit
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Got thrips? You need to listen to this episode! I am joined by entomologist and thrips specialist Professor William Kirk to talk about these houseplant pests. Plus I answer a question about a plant damaged by a cat. For full show notes visit https://www.janeperrone.com/on-the-ledge/thrips
Published 11/25/21
The Millennium Seed Bank holds a treasure trove of plant genetic material from around the world, including many of our favourite houseplants: I headed into the vault to find out how and why seeds are banked. Plus I answer a question about ‘stuck’ aroid leaves. For the show notes visit...
Published 11/17/21
Published 11/17/21