Terry Hashimoto Takes You on a Deep Dive into Use of the Legs and Feet for Power in the Swing
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Terry Hashimoto is the is the founder of Jazz Golf (Canada), the co-developer of the BodiTrak Golf Pressure Sensor, and the inventor of the world's first inertial measuring unit for golf and other major golf products. A former PGA TOUR professional and one of the leading minds in golf instruction, specifically Pressure Mapping and Ground Reaction Forces, Terry is still a leader in the industry and at the forefront of product development for golf improvement. He joins us to talk about Pressure Mapping, Use of the Ground for Power and a Better Golf Swing, and How Golf can be used as a "Recovery Sport." Among the many topics he dives into, Terry specifically addresses: The Mechanics of Pressure Mapping, Foot Movement Patterns and Pressure Traces of leading golfers, Counter-balancing effects on the Golf Swing and Balance in Movement, How Swing Path tends to follow the Shift of Pressure in the Feet, The "Braking Effect" for added Clubhead Speed, and The Kinematic System and how good ball-strikers initiate the Backswing and Downswing. Learn about proper golf swing sequencing and how it happens. Improve your movement and your mechanics with Terry's easy to apply insights.  
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