Duncan McCarthy helps You Sharpen Your Mental Game for Better Performances
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Duncan McCarthy is a Mental and Performance Coach who works with golfers on the PGA TOUR and the DP World Tour. A former Touring Pro, McCarthy understands the ins and outs of competitive golf.  He parlays that experience, alongside his degree in Sports Psychology, to help golfers of all skill levels sharpen their mental games and channel their focus for better scores and performances. He joins #OntheMark to share five insights guaranteed to help you improve your mental game: He addresses: Goal Setting, Self-Awareness and Knowing Who You Are, Time Management on the Course, Self-Talk for Confidence, An Attitude of Gratitude and its effect on Performance, and Seeking the Positives in a Bad Situation. A sound mental game is as important a skill as any, and Duncan's candid, simple to understand and apply assessments/insights are sure to put you on the correct track to success. This podcast is available as a Vodcast on YouTube. Search youtube.com/@markimmelman
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