Brian Manzella with a 3D Explanation of how Great Ball-strikers Move the Club through the Swing
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Brian Manzella is a perennial member of Golf Digest magazine's 50 Best Teachers in America List. He is also a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America. His 40-year+ teaching career includes a long tutelage under the late Ben Doyle, and a lengthy relationship with PGA Champion, and multiple PGA TOUR winner David Toms. Brian joins #OntheMark to illustrate the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Axes and how the golf-club performs in relation to them throughout the golfswing. His insights are a function of the 3D Golf-swing Research done by the Michael Jacobs team. Using the "Jacobs' 3D Airplane he describes and illustrates the 3 Dimensional Kinetics the club undergoes during the golfswing.  He shows how and when the club is 'pushed or pulled' and when it is torqued.  Very importantly he illustrates how research on over three thousand golf-swings has proved that a good ball-striker makes the sum of the 'Moments Alpha' or 'Rotaters' positive in the transition into the downswing.  Brian illustrates the importance of this move in order to allay misunderstandings about shallowing the club in the downswing.  He shows drills and PGA TOUR examples, like Rory McIlroy and Lee Trevino to galvanize his points and insights. He also explains how Sergio Garcia strikes the golf ball so well by describing how various hand-paths results in different Alpha, Beta and Gamma Forces and Torques. It may sound complicated but it is really easy to learn to 'tumble' and not 'flop' the shaft angle in the downswing to strike the ball more powerfully and crisply. Go to and subscribe to watch the lesson.
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