Matt Rutherford // Pre-Around the Americas // 10-yr. Anniversary Episode 1
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#392. This year is the 10th anniversary of the podcast! To celebrate we're going to go back and revisit some of the most memorable conversations over the years. This week it's the first ever interview between Matt Rutherford and Andy, before his record-setting around the Americas voyage and before 59 North even existed. Come be a fly on the wall with Andy and Matt.  Find out more about what Matt is up to over at Ocean Research Project. -- If you liked this conversation you'll LOVE The QUARTERDECK, 59 North's 'deep dives on the art of seamanship.' Join our interactive community and get involved in the conversation at First two weeks FREE, then multiple pricing options thereafter.  -- ON THE WIND is presented by Athletic Greens. Podcast listeners can redeem their special discount at The show is also presented by Broadreach, worldwide adventure travel programs for teenagers. Sign up at
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