McKayla Bower // Trans Around the World
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McKayla Bower is an experienced outdoorswoman who is preparing to set off around the world alone on her San Juan 30, Swirl. Her goal is to become the first openly transgender person to circumnavigate and the first queer person to do so solo.  We talked about her journey of coming out, moving aboard her boat and teaching herself to sail, and learning about fear and risk in the outdoors. Instagram @svswirl Don't miss this year's Seam'nship Workshop at the 2023 Annapolis Sailboat Show in October. Register now at -- If you liked this conversation you'll LOVE The QUARTERDECK, 59 North's 'deep dives on the art of seamanship.' Join our interactive community and get involved in the conversation at First two weeks FREE, then multiple pricing options thereafter.  -- ON THE WIND is presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. Get in touch with Forbes today about buying or selling a boat. The show is also presented by Blu3, makers of compact shallow-water tankless diving systems. 
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