Ben Doerr & Andy Schell // Motorboatin'
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Ben Doerr of Sail Bainbridge returns to talk to Andy about motorboatin'! Andy got inspired to call Ben when he saw an ad for a 65-foot converted Swedish Navy ship for sale in Stockholm as a place to live on the water. Andy though, 'hmm, who do I know that did exactly this, and with a family to boot...?' Ben of course! Ben and his young family have been living continuously on motor yachts (while their shoreside home is rented out) for over 5 years, currently calling the converted fire tug EWEN ROSS home. Ben talks to Andy about all the ups and downs of motorboat livin' on this long, winding and very fun chat between old friends. Don't miss this year's Seam'nship Workshop at the 2023 Annapolis Sailboat Show in October. Register now at -- If you liked this conversation you'll LOVE The QUARTERDECK, 59 North's 'deep dives on the art of seamanship.' Join our interactive community and get involved in the conversation at First two weeks FREE, then multiple pricing options thereafter.  -- ON THE WIND is presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. Get in touch with Forbes today about buying or selling a boat. The show is also presented by Blu3, makers of compact shallow-water tankless diving systems. 
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