School’s Out…Forever: The Frontier Middle School Shooting
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In this month’s series, I detail crimes that happened on school campuses. In 1996, a 14-year-old walked into his 8th-grade math class and opened fire.  This early school shooting would shock his community and spark a nationwide debate about violence in the media, school bullying, mental health, and gun control.  But what was the real reason Barry Loukaitis brought terror to his classroom?  Sources:  State v. Loukaitis, Appeal from the Superior Court for Grant County, Decided July 2, 1996. Teacher Tells Court Of Classroom Horror Witness Describes Negotiating With An Armed Loukaitis, Finally Subduing Him, The Spokesman-Review, Sept. 5, 1997. A teacher and two students die in shooting rampage at Frontier Junior High School in Moses Lake on February 2, 1996,, 2/7/2020 Full letter from Jon Lane, the teacher who tackled Moses Lake school shooter, News, 2/28/2018 Scarred By Killings, Moses Lake Asks: ''What Has This Town Become?'' | The Seattle Times  Media Links:  Natural Born Killers - Trailer Natural Born Killers - Copycat crimes Rage by Richard Bachman/Stephen King: Stephen King: Why the U.S. must introduce limited gun controls, Feb 7, 2013 Links:  Once Upon a Crime on YouTube - Join our Patreon for bonus episodes, ad-free episodes, and members-only perks!
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