Join Doug and Rich as they discuss the latest batch of brewers from around the UK, some of Beer52's absolute favourites! Along the way they'll discuss the new normal, nitrogen and what your garden birds would be drinking if they could drink. Dibby-Dibby-Dib!
Published 03/05/21
Rich and Doug look at the latest and greatest beer trends, in search of your next favourite beer!
Published 02/18/21
In a special Halloween episode Doug GRRRy and Rich CROWSdale go on a spooky adventure to find the best creatures of myth and legend to start a craft brewery! Who will it be? Dracula? A team of ghosts? The Mari Lwyd? Gather round, turn off the lights and light a candle for our Halloween special. www.beer52.com www.beer52.com/ferment
Published 10/30/20
Join our intrepid hosts Doug and Rich as they recover from the 2020 Beer52 Awards to discuss judging beers, weird reviews, award winning beers and vibing in unremarkable-yet-wonderful pubs. Plus, will Rich be able to win Doug's beer pairing game? What kind of pub experience would they make if they had the budget? Tune in to find out!
Published 10/27/20
One from the vault! Recorded early into the 2020 lockdown, join Rich and Doug as they talk about summer beers, beers of love, and what they have been doing to stay sane(ish). Rich also chats with Zak Schroerlucke from Crosby Hops, Will Avery from Loughran Malt and Joe Cairns the master brewer of White Hag about all things Hopstravaganza!" https://www.beer52.com      
Published 10/16/20
Medieval wine holes, covid-safe pubs and hunting Werner Herzog. Rich and Doug take a typically circuitous journey around the world’s most iconic beer festival. www.beer52.com www.beer52.com/ferment
Published 10/10/20
The boys discuss the incredible beers consumed by Rich on his trip to Virginia earlier this year.  Rich turns the tables on Doug with an impromptu pub quiz (sans pub).  There is an ill advised but spirited attemptto sing Country Roads (sans key).  Listener beware!
Published 10/06/20
Doug and Rich discuss the beers and breweries of New York.  Rich couldn't travel to New York this time round but had some fantastic beers to recommend, while Doug was able to offer up his own version of the Spiderman theme song.  Banter ensues.
Published 09/28/20
This episode, Rich and Doug discuss the People Like Us Brewery (www.peoplelikeus.dk) and brewers with a focus on marginalised communities. Doug gets angry in a corner, Rich talks about new perspectives in beer and they both figure out just how big a pyramid you can build for 5 pints.
Published 09/10/20
This episode, Rich and Doug discuss some of the fine beers and breweries of the Netherlands, while also finding time for more banter, waffle and japes.
Published 08/12/20
This episode, Rich and Doug – two Englishmen – wax lyrical about Scotland’s amazing craft breweries (including the big Dog in the room). Also: Gordon Brown, rocket design, horses arses and drunken fighter pilots. Note: Apologies for the sound quality in this one. We lost the main recording, so had to use the fallback recording on Rich’s dictaphone. You get used to it.
Published 02/28/20
Published 02/28/20
We explore the breweries that call the Alpine regions of France, Austria, Slovenia and Italy home.
Published 12/18/19
Doug and Rich discuss the recent Beer52 Awards (spoilers!) and much more.  Who was that man from Leeds?  What beer does Ryan Reynolds taste like?  And what movie does this beer remind you of? All this and more...
Published 10/18/19
Join us as we talk about the best beers from around the world, and the people and places that make them. Each week we'll talk about beer, travel and everything in between.
Published 09/26/19
Beer52's Struan Logan and Phil Hall are back from an eventful weekend at the Budapest Beer Week craft beer festival.  Having discovered beers from leading Hungarian brewers Monyo and Reketye, they also tasted the wares of the best breweries along the length of the Danube - the theme of this month's edition.  Hear about their drinking adventures in the city and what they got up to at the beer festival.
Published 08/20/19
Ferment editor Richard Croasdale is just back from visiting the Peak District, home of Thornbridge brewery. As hosts of the epic Peakender beer festival, this month's Beer52 selection is made up of our picks from the event. Rich and Doug talk about Thornbridge's New England IPA, Green Mountain, and what else will be pouring at the festival.
Published 08/20/19
Exploring the craft beer scene of South Korea, with beers from The Booth, Magpie, Wild Wave and Amazing, Beer52 co-founder Fraser Doherty talks us through the breweries behind this month's beers.  One For The Road host Doug Garry is interested to hear about how the journey took the Beer52 team to North Korea - to do the first ever brewery tour of the Hermit Kingdom, ultimately brewing a 'peace beer' with one ingredient representing North and another representing South.
Published 08/20/19
Ferment editor Richard Croasdale is back from a trip to Maine, New England - half a stone heavier and a lot happier. We're exited to talk about not only the five great breweries we brought back for our members, but also the food and drink experiences that this wonderful city has to offer.
Published 08/20/19