163: The Champions League is back, the Milan derby and Emery out?
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The new Onefootball Podcast is, like SWV, right here. And this week, Ian McCourt is joined by Francesco Porzio, Matt Frolich and, debutant, Manuel Dominguez. The Champions League is back! And thank the Lord for that. We go through the most important games, discussing all that went down. And so too is the Serie A chat. Francesco talks about the latest depressing incidents of racism, the Milan derby and the league's upcoming stars. Matt, meanwhile chats about Norwich's shock victory over Manchester City and Unai Emery's chances of survival. Finally, Manu brings us up to speed on all things Valencia and we answer your questions.
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After a long, long break, the Onefootball podcast is back. And so too is actual football. Is that a coincidence? No. Joining Ian McCourt is Dan Burke, Nico Heymer and Joana Bueno. So yeh, (Bundesliga) football. Is. Back. Do we need to say more? Yes. The podcast crew break down the weekend action...
Published 05/19/20
On the Onefootball Podcast this week, Ian McCourt is joined by Matt Frohlich, Nico Heymer and Helge Wohltmann. We can only start in place this week and that is with the Bundesliga and everything that happened last weekend. We discuss what happened, why it happened, what it means for German...
Published 03/05/20
Published 03/05/20