Michael Lewis, author of 'Moneyball' and 'The Blind Side,' speaks with Eric Topol about his latest book, 'The Undoing Project,' which delves into the world of perception and cognitive bias.
Published 11/27/17
Eric Topol talks with cardiologist and Verily CMO Jessica Mega about her switch from academic medicine to Silicon Valley, and how Google hopes to transform medicine.
Published 11/02/17
Dr Eric Topol speaks with science journalist Carl Zimmer about where he gets his ideas, what his genome looks like, and how he got a tapeworm named after him.
Published 10/05/17
Eric Topol speaks with Sekar Kathiresan about cardiovascular genomics, why 'DNA isn't destiny,' and why we still have heart attacks in spite of statins.
Published 08/02/17
Ed Yong, science writer for The Atlantic, reveals his unique point of view on the important science stories of today.
Published 06/14/17
A scientist sequences outbreak viral genomes--and shares the data--to help the world stay on top of the next Ebola or Zika.
Published 05/10/17
Innovative oncologist Brian Druker talks about breaking out of one-size-fits-all thinking in cancer screening and prevention.
Published 04/17/17
Dr Eric Topol interviews CRISPR scientist Feng Zhang about his journey from China to the gene editing labs of America.
Published 03/31/17
Eric Topol speaks with Adam Gazzaley, a neuroscientist studying the therapeutic potential of video games to treat a number of brain diseases and mental disorders.
Published 09/20/16
Eric Topol interviews Bernard Tyson about his remarkable career at Kaiser Permanente and about how technology will never substitute for trust and human touch in the patient-physician relationship.
Published 09/06/16
From screening to treatment, breast cancer specialist Laura Esserman is on a quest to individualize patient care, and in doing so she is challenging a number of long-standing practices in cancer care.
Published 08/08/16
The widow of Paul Kalanithi, author of 'When Breath Becomes Air,' relates their remarkable story to Eric Topol.
Published 07/11/16
Jessica Richman, CEO of uBiome, talks about her passion for citizen science, her interest in the microbiome, and how uBiome aims to serve public health.
Published 06/21/16
Eric Topol talks with Sue Desmond-Hellmann about her multidimensional career and how to scale precision medicine for global public health.
Published 06/06/16
Eric Topol speaks with Chad Cowan, of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, about how regenerative medicine may soon cure diseases like type 1 diabetes and Parkinson disease.
Published 05/10/16
By leading an unprecedented group of companies, institutions, and scientists in Cancer Moonshot 2020, Patrick Soon-Shiong has set out to change cancer care forever. Here's how he plans to do it.
Published 04/20/16