Lawn Dart Arrival
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AG and RH answer a listener question about a poor setup for a visual approach. What can controllers do in order to set the pilot up for success? How can pilots get the most out of ATC? We will also share some awesome listener feedback and get to some more of your aviation questions!
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On this week’s episode, AG and RH discuss how they determine when they’ve reached their maximum capacity. How do we deal sudden task saturation? What tools do we have available to safely work our way out of a busy session? This episode was a lot of fun to record and you won’t want to miss it!
Published 01/17/22
AG and RH discuss what could cause a controller to deny a pilot’s request to cancel VFR flight following. Oftentimes pilot’s think since they are clear of Class B, C, or D airspace, they are safe to fly wherever they want. On this week’s show, we will discuss why that is not always true. Plus...
Published 01/10/22