In this podcast Eckhart answers questions about healing from childhood trauma. He says it’s important to acknowledge the trauma and to work through it, but not to get stuck in it. He believes while we may feel like a victim it is not ultimately who we are. Eckhart shares stories about his own childhood trauma. He explains that his father had intense anger issues and abandoned Eckhart and his mother when he was just eleven years old. As an adult Eckhart later realized that his father had been...
Published 08/11/22
In this episode Eckhart talks about the importance of finding stillness. He says we are never more ourselves than when we are still. Eckhart then answers questions about what we can expect during the stages of awakening. He says as we become more conscious, we learn to respond rather than react to conflict. Eckhart explains we may feel the emotion, but it doesn’t take us over because ego diminishes as we step into the light of presence.
Published 08/04/22
In this podcast Eckhart talks about our growing awareness and how it can be used in service of others. He says when presence is the foundation of our lives, we are more available emotionally. He explains why this is when the pitfalls of the ego no longer block us. Eckhart believes when we are confronted by the pain of others, if we have a clear channel connected to the source of consciousness, we will exercise empathy and compassion. In this state he says we will not be shaken when the winds...
Published 07/28/22
In this episode Eckhart reflects on the power of the present moment. He then answers a question about the individual and collective pain bodies. He says we all have both and sometimes one is stronger than the other. He believes those with a strong pain body are often more likely to awaken than those who don’t have one. He explains that either way, the great danger is falling into the trap of what he calls “victim identity.” Eckhart says we need to take responsibility for the accumulated...
Published 07/21/22
In this podcast Eckhart talks with a live audience in Winnipeg, Canada. People from 30 countries around the world participate. Eckhart explains the reason they are there is to experience spiritual awakening. He says there is a hidden dimension to their gathering which is deeper than words. Eckhart believes part of his mission is to provide signposts which lead to a state of consciousness he calls Presence. Through the practice of Presence, Eckhart teaches we become aware of the deeper reality...
Published 07/14/22
In this podcast, Eckhart answers questions about practicing presence and peace in a world fraught with conflict and chaos. Eckhart reminds us that we are not dependent on external conditions. He says it is possible to remain peaceful even in the midst of negativity and destruction. He explains we have the freedom to choose even though that choice may not be an easy one. Eckhart believes we don’t have to be drawn into dysfunction, but instead believes we can be the light of consciousness even...
Published 07/07/22
In this episode, Eckhart addresses concerns about using conscious manifestation for both practical as well as spiritual purposes. Eckhart cautions listeners that awakening should not be something we put on our to-do list. He says it is not another goal that we attain. He believes when we define enlightenment in those terms it becomes an obstacle. Eckhart says awakening is not an achievement, it's a realization which really means it's already here.
Published 06/30/22
In this podcast, Eckhart talks about overcoming obstacles to conscious creativity. He explains we may have a vision of what we’d like to create, but when we try to express ourselves the ego kicks up resistance. Eckhart says we feel attacked by inner voices such as, “Who do you think you are? You’re not ready for this” and then we self-sabotage. He explains how we doubt our talent and give in to our fears. Eckhart says when this happens, we must recognize it as the voice of the ego and in...
Published 06/23/22
In this episode Eckhart leads a short meditation and then answers a question about our fear of suffering. Eckhart says suffering plays an important role in the evolution of our consciousness. He says without it, we would not grow in awareness. Eckhart believes, for many people, suffering is their primary spiritual teacher and much of our pain is self-created through dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors. He explains why the pain can also be a catalyst for spiritual growth. He says if we focus...
Published 06/16/22
In this podcast, Eckhart talks about fulfilling our desires and what we can do to make that happen. however he cautions against becoming dependent on external circumstances for our happiness. He says attachment to the outcome can actually become a barrier. Eckhart believes we must visualize that what we want is already ours. and that ultimately the external world is inseparable from our state of consciousness.
Published 06/09/22
In this episode Eckhart reflects on what it takes to create a successful life. He says we must live with a foot in two worlds. We must learn to reconcile the everyday with the transcendent. Eckhart explains why we should consciously manifest our aims and aspirations while also practicing presence. Eckhart says the most important part of living in this world is bringing those two together.
Published 06/02/22
In this podcast Eckhart talks about our dependence on people, places, things and concepts as the source of our identity. He says most of us derive a sense of self from our attachments. He believes the essence of who we truly are is much deeper. Eckhart calls it the alive stillness at the center of our being. Once we become aware of it, our attachment to external things fades and we discover our true nature. Eckhart illustrates this idea with the story of a Buddhist monk who sought to release...
Published 05/26/22
In this episode, Eckhart reflects on his signature teaching about being aware of the present moment. He says when we focus on the here and now our senses become heightened. Eckhart says when we give any experience our full attention, we are taking the first step towards what he calls “self-transcendence.” He explains why we need to release our limited perceptions and connect with the aliveness of the universe.
Published 05/19/22
Eckhart answers questions about our identification with the ego and our thoughts. He says the light of consciousness is relentlessly gobbled up by the mind and turned into thinking. He believes practicing presence is the only immunity against our thoughts. He says as we begin to awaken, we have glimpses of awareness. Eckhart says we don’t have to wait for those glimpses to arise spontaneously. He explains that we need to invite them into our lives so that awakened consciousness becomes an...
Published 05/12/22
In this episode, Eckhart talks about expanding our consciousness. He says that we outgrow the limited perception we have of ourselves: a person with a personality and a product of our past. We need to get in touch with what Eckhart calls the “deep I,” or the transcendent self. He says we are more than our personalities and more than our bodies. Eckhart shares what we perceive with our senses is only a tiny fraction of what’s actually here. He believes what is essential in us is invisible to...
Published 05/05/22
Eckhart answers questions like… Is it possible to remain in a permanent state of acceptance? And how do we deal with our fears about what others think of us? Eckhart says it’s not realistic to expect that we will be consistently peaceful and harmonious. The challenges of our lives will affect us. but not at the core of who we are. We remain rooted in what Eckhart calls the being dimension. He explains we go beyond the duality of happiness and unhappiness to find peace. Eckhart says the degree...
Published 04/28/22
Eckhart explains why becoming aware of the present moment is synonymous with connecting to the deeper dimension of who we are. He says we go beyond the personality to reach our transcendent self. Eckhart says we discover we are not just humans "doings" - we are human beings. He says our primary mission is to integrate the two. Eckhart believes this is the most important discovery we can make in our lifetime.
Published 04/21/22
Eckhart talks about our obsession with the future. He says if we’re always living for the future, we never experience the present because the future is only a thought. We spend our time waiting for a life that never arrives and end up with a life full of missed opportunities. Eckhart reminds us, the only moment we ever truly have is the here and now.
Published 04/14/22
Eckhart leads a meditation and then answers questions. He says the Essential Self is not defined by the personality, life circumstances or history. It’s the transcendent dimension beyond that which is the only place we will find lasting freedom and true happiness. Eckhart explains we may not have awareness of our essential self consistently. He says we will lose it many times, then regain it. He shares that finding awareness is a gradual process of waking up to who we truly are.
Published 04/07/22
Eckhart says sometimes in our efforts to become present we fall below thought. It happens when we’re consumed by negativity. He explains often people reach for something to take away the pain like alcohol, drugs or food. Eckhart says we may feel relief for a short time, but eventually discomfort returns. Ekchart shares what we need to do is resist the pull toward unconsciousness. And, to awaken spiritually we must rise above thought to a reach a state of alert presence.
Published 03/31/22
Eckhart talks about the importance of using our daily lives as spiritual practice which he calls presence power. Throughout the day, when we’re not challenged by difficult people or circumstances, we should invite presence into our lives. Like a muscle that gets stronger with use, it will become part of our daily routine. Then when challenges arise, we don’t fall into unconsciousness, we draw on our reserves.
Published 03/24/22
Eckhart leads a live meditation on pausing our thoughts without suppressing them. Eckhart says it’s more important to be aware of oneself as presence than to get lost in the mind. With practice, gradually the spaces between thoughts increase and more spaciousness grows within. This will cause our lives to become more peaceful and move us closer to a feeling of liberation.
Published 03/17/22
Eckhart answers questions on such topics as eliminating depression, dealing with a heavy pain body and why enlightenment seems to be such a rare phenomenon. Eckhart shares the story of his own pain body and how it finally pushed him into a state of presence. He says we are designed to awaken and that we are a part of the flowering of the consciousness in the universe.
Published 03/10/22
Eckhart answers questions on a wide range of topics like: What’s the function of the ego? How does it feel to be enlightened? And what’s the best remedy for loneliness and the pain body? Eckhart responds with his renowned wisdom.
Published 03/03/22