Practice of Presence
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Eckhart Tolle discusses with a live audience one of his key spiritual teachings: the Practice of Presence. He says presence arises when we free ourselves of incessant thinking and unconscious reactivity, rolling back the ego, so our essential self can shine through. He asks the audience if they’ve reached a stage in in their own spiritual evolution if they can choose to be free of thinking without exerting will power. He says as we become more adept, it’s possible to stay fully present through all of life’s ups and downs. Eventually, we learn to lead a more awakened life. 
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Eckhart Tolle talks about the path to Inner Peace. He emphasizes that our inner state is not contingent on outer circumstances. Our job is to align with what he calls the “Is-ness” of the present moment, release excessive thinking and refrain from reacting to the external conditions of our lives....
Published 07/22/21
Eckhart Tolle talks with a live audience about a phenomenon he sees unfolding: which is the awakening of individuals around the world. He jokes that he could call them The United States of Awareness. He says awakening humans are like hybrids experiencing a metamorphosis, like caterpillars...
Published 07/15/21
Eckhart Tolle begins his talk joking with a live audience about a video game reviewed in the New York Times called Stillness. He laughs and wonders if his work is having an impact on mainstream culture after all. He says one thing is certain, the world is definitely growing in awareness. Eckhart...
Published 07/08/21