Inner Peace
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Eckhart Tolle talks about the path to Inner Peace. He emphasizes that our inner state is not contingent on outer circumstances. Our job is to align with what he calls the “Is-ness” of the present moment, release excessive thinking and refrain from reacting to the external conditions of our lives. We accept whatever is happening in the here and now. Eckhart says our true purpose is to awaken to who we are beyond our three dimensional form. There is more to each of us than the person, our personality and our personal history. The path to leading a truly satisfying life lies beyond… it’s what Eckhart calls timeless consciousness.
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In this podcast, Eckhart talks with a live audience about clearing away the obstacles to presence. Eckhart says the entire universe is awakening and is in the early stages of something vast. We are a part of that. To be spiritually awake, means releasing barriers created by the mind. Eckhart says...
Published 09/16/21
Eckhart answers questions from a live audience including healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, and therapists. They ask questions about how to deal with the expectations of their patients who yearn for healing and wholeness. He emphasizes the importance of tending to one’s state of...
Published 09/09/21
Eckhart talks with a live audience about the importance of cultivating wisdom. He says the first step is acknowledging the magnitude of all that we don’t know. Then we step out of our “thinking mind,” with its chronic judgments and interpretations, and step into what he calls aware stillness....
Published 09/02/21