It's the last episode of the season! And this feels like a great topic to end with. Over the years, growth has become one of my highest values. I share what that really means to me, why I tend to call it "invisible growth" instead, and describe how it looks and feels in my body and mind. I'll see you back here on November 7th! Take good care, friend.
Published 09/19/21
Years ago, when I was first embracing minimalism + mindful consumption, I held the belief that we should be creators, not consumers. Now, I know the importance of doing both.
Published 09/12/21
This is a very special episode... because it's the first episode with a friend! My friend Kate and I (yes, Kate + Cait!) have come together to recreate our own version of a podcast episode we both love. We hope you enjoy our reflections, and perhaps find a new quote that resonates along the way. :)
Published 09/05/21
September (not January) always feels like the beginning of a new year for me, or at least the beginning of a new season of work. I've already felt that shift in energy, and have been taking steps towards some big projects—including one that will allow us to spend some time together! :)
Published 08/29/21
For the past few weeks, I've been taking tiny steps towards a goal I'm slowly working towards. It has involved doing something I have a lot of experience with: decluttering! And I'm both enjoying the process and getting excited about the forward momentum it's creating. :)
Published 08/22/21
It's been a strange week, and I need some fun! So I'm revisiting an old blog post from 2014, where I answered a series of prompts to determine what my perfect day would look like in 5 years. Then I share what my life really looked like 5 years later, and how I would answer these prompts today. Enjoy!
Published 08/15/21
Years ago, I came up with a little journalling practice that has slowly evolved into something new. It's not a typical gratitude practice, per se, but it always leaves me feeling grateful. I'm so happy to be sharing it with you now. :)
Published 08/08/21
This is the second episode in a two-part series on how my relationship with money has changed over the years. Last week, we looked at the practical ways I manage my money now. Today, I'm answering all your questions that touch on the more emotional side of things. Enjoy!
Published 08/01/21
It's been a few years since I've talked about money publicly, but that's not for a lack of having something to say! This is a two-part series on how my relationship with money has changed over the years. In part one, we will look at the practical side of how I do things today. I hope it's... interesting!? :)
Published 07/25/21
Today, I'm taking you to my favourite spot by the creek and reading 7 poems by Mary Oliver, from her book Devotions. By the end, you'll hear why this episode became even more special for me. I'm so glad we could spend some time together in this place.
Published 07/18/21
A simple question has turned into likely the longest episode I will ever record. I'm sharing the ups and downs of the 8 years I have been sober. It's taught me everything I needed to know about showing up as my full self. If you are on this journey, I see you, friend.
Published 07/11/21
The word “integration” has been coming up a lot lately. Specifically, I've been thinking about it around the topic of mental health, and how we integrate our past experiences into who we are today. I share a few of my recent experiences with doing this work in therapy. There's a light touch on the topic of trauma.
Published 07/04/21
I love this question, and I know exactly what season I'm entering. Along with some insight on that, I've decided to apply the word "season" to how I run this little podcast. I'm taking a quick break from recording, and share what I'll be doing in the next two weeks. I'll see you back here on July 4th! Take good care, friend.
Published 06/13/21
When was the last time you surprised yourself? Did something new to you... something you didn't know you could do... something you even enjoyed!? I share something I did this week, plus answer all of your questions, including whether or not I believe in serendipity. :)
Published 06/06/21
What does it feels like for you to sit in silence with someone? No talking. Just you, a friend, and the ocean or the wind or the birds. It used to make me uncomfortable. Now I know there's a real trust in the silence. A trust in the relationship. And I think we are building that here.
Published 05/30/21
After a panic attack followed by a few more days of feeling anxious, I'm sharing what's in my "anxiety toolkit." Then I answer three of the questions you've sent me, which all seem to fall under the umbrella of: staying still... and being where my feet are right now.
Published 05/24/21
"Ritual" is a word that never used to resonate for me. It wasn't until I noticed it repeatedly that I began to question why. And wondered how I might create rituals that do resonate. Rituals that feel good for me. :)
Published 05/16/21
A short episode this week, with an example of what it looks like for me to honour what I need. Plus, do you have a question for me? I will be compiling some for a future Q&A episode!
Published 05/09/21
How have your friendships changed? This is a topic that has come up in countless conversations over the last year—and so I thought I would share a few of my own thoughts and experiences with you. At the end, I offer up a new question you might consider asking a loved one the next time you talk.
Published 05/02/21
It's pouring rain here on the "wet" coast of Canada, and I'm standing under a tree... sharing my favourite journal prompts with you. What a way to end this week/month. :)
Published 04/25/21
We're doing something a little different today! Hanging out in my bedroom, and discussing the books that have kept me company this year. There have been many, so here's a shorter list of some of my favourites, along with a few quotes/poems. Enjoy!
Published 04/18/21
I've wanted to write about this at various times, but the words didn't come to me until now. This is a reflection on how I've adapted, softened, and allowed myself to change this year. Plus, a question or potential journal prompt at the end.
Published 04/11/21
It's a beautiful thing, to allow yourself to evolve. To challenge yourself to grow and change. And as a creator, to allow your content to grow and change with you. This is a look back at who I have been, and who I am in this moment.
Published 04/05/21
This isn't a typical podcast. It's just a little show, recorded in the great outdoors. Each week we'll head outside and explore our inner worlds. I don't know where we'll go, but I'm excited to find out—together.
Published 03/29/21
Published 03/29/21