Episode #142- Who Was the Mother of Empires? (Part I)
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Eleanor of Aquitaine is one of the best remembered medieval Queens. She has been celebrated as one of the most daring and consequential women of her age. But despite her fame Eleanor is often misunderstood. Some writers have sullied Eleanor’s historical reputation by spreading scandalous rumours about the Queen. Other writers, in an attempt to revive her reputation, have overcorrected and have presented her as a completely exceptional “woman out of time.” These two skewed understandings of Eleanor have been called the “Black Legend” and the “Golden Myth.” Is it possible to bring some balance back to our understanding of Eleanor? Tune-in and find out how Oscar acceptance speeches, a convent-themed harem, and the craziest month ever, play a role in the story.
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Eleanor of Aquitaine has been called the "Queen of the Troubadours" by fawning biographers. She has been credited with transforming medieval European culture through her patronage of the arts. It's also been written that she presided over elaborate "Courts of Love" where she made rulings on...
Published 11/17/21
Published 11/17/21
When the King and Queen of France went on crusade in 1147 it nearly destroyed their marriage. The campaign led by King Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine was an unmitigated disaster. But despite (or perhaps because of) it's failure the Second Crusade would remain a potent part of Eleanor's...
Published 11/03/21