Build Vital Skills With LEGO® Bricks
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Every year 25% of our profits go to the LEGO Foundation to be reinvested in activities that allow us to impact more children with Learning-through-Play. In this episode, we find out what the LEGO Foundation does to help autistic children build social communication skills, develop friendships and improve wellbeing – all with the use of Learning-through-Play and LEGO® bricks.
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At the LEGO Group, we believe that leadership is for everyone, not just people leaders. That’s because being a leader is not just a title; it’s a mindset. In this episode, we discover how some of our awesome colleagues are embracing the leadership mindset and how a people leader inspires and...
Published 10/28/21
Published 10/28/21
As children shape their world with LEGO® bricks, it's our responsibility as grownups to take care of the world they'll inherit. We’ve set ourselves the ambition to make LEGO products from fully sustainable materials by 2030. In this episode, we find out what our people are doing to meet this...
Published 07/06/21