Shifting Mindsets and Systems with Jennifer Morgan
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In this week’s episode we continue our series debriefing COP26 and take a look at the climate movement for their perspective on the outcomes of the Glasgow Climate Pact. Staying optimistic and fighting for climate justice - because indeed our lives depend on it - is a rightful approach to the conversation. And yet, the clock is ticking. What’s the reality behind fast-tracking our path to only a 1.5 world? Today, we talk to Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director at Greenpeace International, who joins us to discuss how shifting mindsets and systems are crucial in finding alternative development models and dismantling systems of oppression. Jennifer lays out how we can rebuild trust between those on the proverbial “inside” and “outside”. Because, whilst we have seen a huge coming together of stakeholders, movements and mindsets, this conversation focuses on understanding why we hear some voices proclaim a historic and generational win, while others voice a more depleted and disappointed point of view at the lack of urgency and responsibility by those in positions of power. The reality is that both are true. Join us in piecing together the puzzle and understanding deeper our role in the movement as a podcast.  And don’t miss IDER, our musical artist with their song, BORED- a song born out of frustration  at the profit structures behind corporate power and false advertising.   —   Christiana + Tom’s book ‘The Future We Choose’ is available now! Subscribe to our Climate Action Newsletter: Signals Amidst The Noise   —   Mentioned links from the episode:   From Paul: A Climate of Concern (“When Shell was Greenpeace”) From Paul: Lawsuit - The People of California vs Big Oil   DONATE: Greenpeace International   —   Thank you to our guest this week:   Jennifer Morgan | Executive Director of Greenpeace International Twitter | LinkedIn   Greenpeace Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn   DONATE to Greenpeace   —   The incredible Ider is our musical guest this week!   Ider Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Website | Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music   —   Keep up with Christiana Figueres here: Instagram | Twitter   Tom Rivett-Carnac: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn   Paul Dickinson: LinkedIn | Twitter   —   Follow @GlobalOptimism on social media and send us a message! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn   Don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss another episode of Outrage + Optimism!
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