Working through cancer
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This episode brings two work-career connection friends together to talk about ”working through cancer”.  Laura and Vanessa have been friends for many years with their work and careers being similar and crossing paths from time to time.  Their work is very much something they are passionate about and they discuss how cancer changes how you need to work - a way that matches your needs. They discussed making those decisions, having to learn to think differently about work and what it means for family, finances and friends.  So the double meaning of “working through cancer” (work = job and working through = process of change)  is at the center of this episode.  This episode was recorded in October which is breast cancer awareness month. Although cancer is an “every day” journey and is so much more than just one “pink ribbon month” or “Mo-vember”, these awareness months give us a chance to raise awareness and reflect, remember and get a little reset. Laura is still in the middle of her cancer journey with another round of chemo on the near horizon and so the conversation is very NOW and full of decisions and experiences that made Vanessa and Laura both reflect deeply on holistic wellness.  If you are going through a challenge and are looking for some inspiration and stories on how to “work through it” then this might be for you. Also this episode provides some hints on how to get prepared for what might come if you or one of your family or friends is faced with a cancer diagnosis or another crisis that you need to work through.  In this episode you’ll hear: How Laura chose to let cancer teach her how not to be an island anymoreFinding your “sempai” and or a concierge to take some of the details off your plateFinding your  WOW (Way of work) and rhythms with treatment so you can keep working if you choose toFinancial wellbeing in times of crisis About Laura  Laura is based in New York and recently retired from a successful career in the consumer insights industry. Known for her expertise in media and its evolution - she is used to change and the need to pivot when outside forces impact you.  Laura also has a deep passion for unlocking potential in people, teams and industries - especially those in a state of change or transition. In 2020 she was faced with a cancer diagnosis and set about her own transition to a journey with cancer. She needed to fully apply her skills in assessing and unlocking potential to her new life - and as always the execution isn’t always as easy as the “powerpoint slide”.     If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, we’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of yourself listening to the episode on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag me @voicesofcancer. Links: Knitted Knockers:  Connect with Vanessa: Instagram:  LinkedIn:  Facebook: 
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