Part 2: Running Athens Authentic Marathon - After the Marathon
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This is Part 2 - Welcome back to the “After” story of the Athens Marathon.  Like anything, we go into a journey with some level of knowledge and expectation on what it will be like - Make sure you listen to Part 1 to hear some great pre race advice and expectations from our local expert (run Athens 7 times!!) Daphne before you listen to Part 2! In this episode, the “runners” come together a couple of days after the marathon to reflect on the experience. If you are wanting to hear all about Athens Marathon, but also how it teaches some life lessons and cancer lessons then fire this one up. All I can say is - Yes,  it was definitely the hardest marathon I have run for multiple reasons (my knee, the timing, the course) but it was also one of the most memorable. Put it on your “to do list”! If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, we’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of yourself listening to the episode on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag me @voicesofcancer. In this episode you’ll hear: What the Athens Marathon was really likeThe layout of the course and which parts were the most difficultWhat happens when you get to the end!The #OutrunCancer team's "life learnings from running Athens"What might be next for the Outrun Cancer team Listen to Julia’s episode here Listen to Daphne’s episode here Listen to Connor’s episode here Connect with Vanessa: Instagram:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:
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Published 01/23/23
今回は、バニッサのお気に入りの、いつも聴いているランニングポッドキャスター、ランニングチャンネルの上田れいさんがゲストです。レイさんのポッドキャストでは、毎週、ランニングに関するヒントやランニングの実体験について話してくれますので、とても参考になるポッドキャストです。 今週は、上田さんとバネッサのアテネマラソンについての対談です。上田さんの海外でのランニング体験についても語ってくれました。 バニッサがアテネを走った時の話題は、エピソードの14と15で英語でお届けしましたが、今回は日本語でお届けします。バニッサは、アウトランキャンサー・ポッドキャストのゲストで登場いただいたジュリア(第4話...
Published 12/21/22
Published 12/20/22