Never Date the Nice Guy/Girl
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Have you ever rejected the "nice" girl/guy? Did it end horribly? Well you're not alone because today we are going to look at the subreddits of r/nicegirls and r/niceguys, which are filled with horrifying text messages of people who couldn't handle rejection.  Treat yourself and your loved ones! Go to and use code OUTSPOKEN to get 10% off. Protect your online activity today! Visit and you can get an extra 3 months FREE on a one-year package. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Visited the subreddit of "Am I The A*****e" today, which is always an interesting subreddit to read. Then, I discuss what dysphoria feels like 10 years down the line of transitioning (spoiler, it still sucks.) And then to end our episode, I have a couple of LGBTQ+ stories submitted by you as...
Published 10/13/21
Recently there was a youtuber who was cancelled for making her crying son pose for a thumbnail in their YouTube video. Cancel culture in this form can be useful, but there are ways in which it can be toxic. I have two LGBTQ+ stories at the end as always, submitted by you! Learn more about your ad...
Published 10/06/21
Today I reviewed a small clip of a guy who feels personally attacked by the pregnant man emoji. Next is a Tik Tok that went viral of a guy preaching his beliefs about girls wearing bathing suits on the beach? Towards the end I have a small motivational segment for you, followed up by 3 LGBTQ+...
Published 09/29/21