How to Call in Love and Stay on Purpose with Anthony
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This episode is about relationships. Today’s caller, Anthony, feels ready to call in love and fulfill his purpose but is unsure why he feels blocked. He would like guidance about how to move past the blocks and step into the life he desires.   [For show notes go here:]   If you are in your 20s, remember you have time. Be patient with yourself and be patient with the way life is going to unfold. Especially, those of you who are on a personal development path. There is a co-creation aspect to growth and there is a part of you, a higher-self part of you, that may keep you from some of the things your ego and mind want right now because how you are meant to evolve is more important.   Trust the unfolding of your life. Trust divine timing. And, try not to put pressure on yourself to get something by a certain age. Put intention into yourself to know yourself, love, accept, and be a good partner to yourself.   We all have places inside where we might feel a little insecure and it’s normal to feel like that. When we have had challenges we can wonder who will want us in that state. Our unmet needs come up when we are dating until we really work on it.   Consider/Ask Yourself: Are you wanting to call in a relationship but you don’t exactly know how? Is there a part of you that is confident about what you have to offer but then a part of you wonders if someone will really love that one thing? Did you have a super present parent, or did you have one or maybe both parents that weren’t so available and you may be looking for a relationship to fulfill that void?   Anthony’s Question: Anthony wants to know how to find a committed relationship as well as walk fully into his purpose.   Anthony’s Key Insights and Ahas: He is looking for someone to grow with. He feels that something is missing. He helps people take control of their health. He’s never been in a relationship and feels like it is time. He wants to be more emotionally secure. He has trouble sleeping due to physical pain. He had Lyme disease. His father was emotionally unavailable. He feels he can’t fully access love and compassion for himself. He didn’t have a role model of emotional acceptance. He has an unfulfilled childhood need.   How to Get Over It and On With It: Have compassion, love, and acceptance for himself. Begin a meditation practice to get more in tune with his emotional self. Do the things he loves to do. Make it a priority to be the best father and partner to himself.   Sponsor: Cured Nutrition — What a difference a good night’s sleep makes. And, CBN Nighttime Oil with sleep support properties makes a good night’s sleep possible. Other Cured products include RISE, and ZEN to balance out well-being. Go to to get 20% off your entire order.   Resources: Christine Hassler — Join the Free Over It and On With It Community Christine Hassler Podcasts Including Coaches Corner Christine on Facebook Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler @ChristinHassler on Twitter @ChristineHassler on Instagram @SacredUnionCouples on Instagram [email protected] [email protected] — For information on any of my services Get on the Waitlist to be coached on the show. Get on the list to be notified about the upcoming certification program for coaches.  
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