Organizing Your Presentation and Audience Analysis
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Lecture 06: This lecture by Barbara Myslik addresses how to organize the information in your presentation. A practical example of this is given while Myslik outlines a student's presentation. (This video file is cut short.)
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Lecture 09: Charles Bamforth, professor and chair of food science and technology at UC Davis, specializes in brewing beer. In this lecture, Prof. Bamforth describes his teaching methods and provides examples for communicating complex ideas to non-academic audiences. For example, he explains how...
Published 02/10/11
Lecture 08: Fernando Socorro, an Information Technology specialist at UC Davis, discusses uses of computer visual aids including PowerPoint and the Mac equivalent. Fernando demonstrates good uses and bad uses, and gives tips on how to make your visual aid the most effective for communicating...
Published 02/03/11
Lecture 07: Barbara Myslik describes effective uses of presentation aids, including Power Point. When should you use a visual aid? What are common mistakes and how can you avoid them? How can you use a visual aid to get your message across to the audience and be remembered?
Published 02/01/11