The search of your trademark reveals it isn't strong enough
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You’ve hired Indie Law to handle your trademark. BUT, there’s a snag: our findings show that there are too many red flags with that specific trademark and we don’t recommend moving forward with it. That’s worst-case-scenario for you (and most other biz owners)! So, what happens next?
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A biz owner who had invested their own money, countless hours of work, and plans for the future into their business... lost it all OVERNIGHT due to a forced rebrand. Rebrands can happen for a couple of reasons and their impact on your biz can be devastating.
Published 05/05/21
With so many businesses shifting to social media exposure to grow their businesses, I've started to get this question a lot - "I've been using this hashtag for my biz and people seem to love it and associate it with my brand. So... can I trademark it?"
Published 04/28/21
Hiring a lawyer to take care of your trademark is a big decision! It’s an investment that shows you believe in your brand enough to protect it FULLY and that you’re ready to show up 100% for your biz. But what happens AFTER you make that decision and invest in a trademark package??
Published 04/21/21