Tools for PhD Career Readiness with Natalia Bielczyk
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Welcome to the PhD Dojo!This week, I have the pleasure of bringing you a conversation with friend of the show, Natalia Bielczyk.In this special episode of the dojo, Natalia will present us the tools she has created for PhDs looking to work on their career readiness, namely the Ontology of Value Test and the Masterclass for PhDs. If you're ready to invest in becoming career ready, you're in luck, because friend of the show and founder of Ontology of Value Natalia Bielczyk, PhD has created The Ontology of Value Masterclass for PhDs – an intensive 6-week online workshop that will give you a runway to a brand new career in industry.This masterclass consists of three Sections.In the first Section, you will learn what you need to know about your opportunities in the job market. You will go through a number of self-discovery exercises which will help you determine where you fit best.In the second Section, you will acquire all the skills you need to search for and land good jobs.Lastly, in the third Section, you will learn general self-navigation strategies that will make you progress fast in any working environment and quickly adjust to the changing job market.And all this in a group of ambitious, helpful, and motivated people like you.If you use the affiliate links on this page, not only will you be supporting the show, but Natalia has kindly offered to give Papa PhD listeners two (2) access codes to the Ontology of Value Test instead of one, so you can gift one to a friend! Register for the next Ontology of Value Masterclass for PhDs now ! This episode's resources: Natalia Bielczyk | LinkedInNatalia Bielczyk | InstagramNatalia Bielczyk | Twitter Looking forward to being in your ears ! If you enjoyed this conversation with Natalia, let her know by clicking the link below and leaving her a message on Twitter:Send Natalia Bielczyk a thank you message on Twitter!Click here to share your key take-away from this interview with David! You might also like the following episodes: Amy Gentry – A Discussion About "Bad Habits" in AcademiaKatya Park – Staying True to Your Life Plans During the PhDMatthias Hombauer – Being a PhD, a Father and an EntrepreneurNatalia Bielczyk – Figuring Out Where You Fit in the Job Market as a PhD
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