How To Stop Burnout In Its Tracks With Özgün Ünver
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Burnout. You probably know someone who has gone through it, or you may have burnt out, yourself. Academic burnout is real and often taboo, and this week on the podcast, I am talking with a coach specializing in helping researchers avoid it and manage it – Özgün Ünver, form Mind Your Own Revisions. During our...
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Published 05/25/23
Does the NGO world interest you? And did you know that the job of Fundraiser ranks no. 17 in US News Best Business Jobs?This week on Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, I'm talking with Kenna Barrett about a career path that has not yet been covered on the show - Fundraising - and about why it may...
Published 05/25/23
Last week, you, the Papa PhD listeners, brought the show across the 100.000 listen line. Thank you!!! As an indie podcaster running Papa PhD since almost 4 years, I am over-the-moon happy and humbled. To thank you and celebrate this important milestone, I've invited a few friends of the show...
Published 05/18/23