Episode 7 – The Vikings
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Dan heads to Sandwich in Kent to meet Blaise and Jenny, Peta’s eldest brother and sister-in-law. He hears where Peta got her stoicism from and learns that Blaise was never told that the FBI failed to find the graves. Back in the States, Detective Amy Crosby hands over files that contain a vital clue to what happened on the Justin B – and raise the possibility of there being two more victims, ‘the Vikings’ Meanwhile, Annie finds the Bombero who pulled the bodies from the water in ’78. What he tells her only leaves us asking more questions - and there’s a troubling inconsistency that clashes with Vince and Russell’s account. The episode ends with a startling breakthrough that gives us hope we could actually locate the graves of Chris and Peta that the FBI failed to find.
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Was Boston a master criminal or was he just a lucky one? As Paradise concludes, Dan and Stephen examine the breaks Boston received that allowed him to escape justice for 38 years.
Published 05/17/19
Published 05/17/19
As the podcast nears its conclusion, fresh information kept hidden in UK Foreign Office files for 40 years delivers yet another twist to this case. Martin Bottomley of the Greater Manchester Police Cold Case Unit gives an unexpected reply to a question Dan hesitates to ask - and it becomes...
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