Episode 8 – You Better Belize It
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As Dan heads to Belize, hopes of finding Chris and Peta’s graves in Guatemala fade with new information about the lengths the FBI went to in their attempts to find them. We meet Orlando, Dan’s Belizean fixer, who seems to know everybody in Belize by name as we begin to follow Chris and Peta’s steps. Peta’s letters start to come to life as we trace people and places she mentioned in her letters 40 years before. Very few locals seem to remember Boston – but a visit to the factory Peta write about in her letters leads to a breakthrough in the investigation and Orlando’s experience as a mechanic proves pivotal. Penny joins us in Belize to see some of the places her brother experienced on his travels with Peta in ’78 – before a memorable meeting in Belize City with Vince – the first time they have met. On board a near replica of the Justin B, Vince reconstructs the entire attack. The episode ends with a conclusion to one of the podcast’s biggest questions – but a possibly bigger one remains.
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Published 05/17/19
Published 05/17/19
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