Ryan Whitney + Fire Nick Saban?
National Championship recap and Alabama got absolutely smoked. What happened in the game and how Dabo is the opposite of Nick Saban even though Nick Saban is the best coach of all time (2:20 -19:09). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including talk about Barstool Gold (Don't freak out) and the Vikings GM being an absolute lunatic (19:09 - 35:43). Ryan Whitney joins the show to catch up on the 2018-19 NHL season, World Juniors what do they mean? And bashing basketball (35:43 - 61:42). Segments include Coaching Carousel with Bruce Arians, Kliff Kingsbury, and Matt LeFleur, PR 101 for Derrick Rose, Bachelor Talk, Parental Advisory for Alabama's loss, and guys on Chicks. 
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