Kevin Hart + Divisional Round Preview
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NFL Playoffs are back and we preview each game this weekend. Can Andy Reid break his slump? Will Sean McVay be the boy genius everyone claims? Is this Phil Rivers last stand and how can you go against Nick Foles?(2:05-23:20) Kyler Murray will probably play football which is smart.(23:21-27:27) Kevin Hart joins the show to talk about his new movie, being a Hollywood actor, s**t talking James Harden, and how he's done talking about being done talking about it. (31:58-1:04:39) Segments include Peter King ate the trash,(1:08:08-1:10:27) thoughts and prayers Jeff Bezos,(1:10:28-1:14:44) Tebow Update,(1:14:45-1:17:36) and FAQ (1:17:37-1:26:00) 
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