By popular request Dana is joined by best friend and hilarious comedian, Meagan Grainger. The girls talk about anxiety, almost getting murdered on a walk and Meagan explains her new brilliant manifestation technique that you can also do with your bestie. Subscribe to Meagan's podcast Superficial Magic on iTunes and follow her on Instagram @MeaganGrainger 
Published 08/06/20
In this solo episode Dana discusses her trip to Connecticut, a FaceTime date in her sisters basement gone wrong, seeing her brother on Bumble and 10 ways to know your a people pleaser! Subscribe and rate the podcast five stars and follow Dana on Bumble and IG @Danamoonme
Published 07/24/20
Insane episode alert** Hilarious comedian Brittany Schmitt comes on the pod to discuss self confidence, boundaries, how to manifest our husbands/spouses, we make her tell us the most embarrassing Ho story and Brittany drops the most insane story we will ever hear in our entire lives. Bonus Dana loses her mind in the intro-finds a ransom note she wrote herself, why we should never go on boats, explanation of the Covid doctor with a COVID PODCAST trying to booty call Dana, AND MORE   Please...
Published 07/10/20
Mav Viola is a hilarious stand up comedian, actress and major advocate for LGBQT and BLM and we just love her and everything she does. Dana and Mav are both scorpios and tend go to deep without meaning to OPPS. We love it. They discuss their process for character work, impressions, have they farted during sex, attracting chaotic relationships in their 20's, Mav tells her story about getting arrested during the protests in DTLA and their take on sexual predators in the LA comedy community.  ...
Published 07/02/20
Natalie Dreyfuss is a mega babe and mega tv super star that you know from all your favorite shows. Most recently she plays Sue Dearbon, a super hero in The Flash on the CW and completely kills us with her good looks, humor and high leg kicks. Natalie and Dana have a deep chat about how to properly apologize to someone you've hurt, their love for Brene Brown, how they emotionally care for others first instead of themselves (oops), people pleasing life, Natalie shares cool on set stories and...
Published 05/28/20
In this solo episode Dana discusses why she needs to start a family now, the needy guys she's attracting during quarantine, all of the hot men who make her cringe on Tiktok, the millionaire youtube family she's obsessed with and other weird things that will make you giggle! Follow her on Instagram @danamoonme and go ahead and rate the podcast five stars
Published 05/20/20
This episode we get the hilarious Ariel Kashanchi on the podcast to talk about the quarantine wearing us down, how Ariel seeks revenge on her neighbors, people pleasing causing friendship break-ups, how to correctly send a dick pic, texts from her ex and SO MUCH MORE! Follow her on Instagram @arielsnotamermaid and subscribe to her podcast on iTunes Mad Genius! Subscribe and rate this podcast five stars follow Dana @Danamoonme
Published 04/30/20
Published 04/30/20
This episode is extra special and crazy because we are joined by Dana's alter ego and internet sensation Dirty Diane. She is a professional party starter, hot fire babe and single Mom here to give us her positive energy, tell Dana why she's bad at podcasting, and how to own your power and take care of yourself first. Also a special intro where Dana breaks down the new Netflix reality show "Too Hot To Handle", she goes on an accidental FaceTime date, Dana sees a guy she almost dated on an...
Published 04/22/20
Dana brings on best friend Meagan Grainger, hilarious comedy writer and podcast host of Superficial Magic to discuss how they first met in a healing circle lol, codependence, how they are cured of their people pleasing, and positive ways to look at the quarantine.  Bonus Dana discusses her dick consensus of 2020, what she's doing in quarantine and why Asians will outlive us all. Follow Meagan @Meagangrainger on IG and Dana @Danamoonme Subscribe and rate us five stars on iTunes!
Published 04/08/20
Well, it took a quarantine and global pandemic for this comedian to start a podcast in a market that is in need of more podcasts. Comedian Dana Moon takes you through her people pleasing past, present and future hopes of not being a people pleaser anymore. Are you guys still interested? Are you pleased? Bonus: what life is like being socially distanced from everyone, how she's trying to attract a quarantine boyfriend and hoping someone will send her toilet paper because she ran out.
Published 03/19/20