In this episode, we talk with Joanne Chung about how she became interested in personality psychology, her past, present, and future work, and creating spaces and recognizing different voices in our work as personality scientists.
Published 06/26/21
In this episode, Rebekka Weidmann talked to Susanne Bücker, Richard Lucas, and Samantha Heintzelman about subjective well-being across the life span, factors that can change the well-being of people including the pandemic, and typical misconceptions that people might hold.
Published 05/27/21
In this episode, Joanna Sosnowska and René Mõttus discuss dynamic models of personality and their usefulness for describing and understanding the psychology of workplace. The discussion is partly based on a recent paper Joanna and her colleagues published in the European Journal of Personality, as well as an upcoming special issue co-edited by Joanna (to be published in July in the European Journal of Personality).
Published 04/27/21
In this episode, we hear a presentation by Emorie Beck on her research on nomothetic and idiographic approaches to personality structure and change, couched in a historical perspective.
Published 03/27/21
For this episode, Lisanne de Moor talked to Aidan Wright about how personality can be measured from a more personalized angle, what such an approach can contribute to personality science, and what are some of the challenges that he sees for moving this research forward.
Published 02/26/21
Welcome to our podcast! For this episode, René Mõttus talked to Julia Rohrer and Jaap Denissen about what personality is, how personality psychology is unique as a field, and what its most significant achievements have been so far—but also about what is still puzzling and what can be improved for the future.
Published 01/25/21
Published 01/25/21