Exonerated over the killing of Malcolm X
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Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted in Wisconsin; two men exonerated over the killing of Malcom X; The 1619 Project is back in a new book; Tackling Childhood Grief; And cooking that perfect Thanksgiving Dinner.
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China is gearing up for the Olympics, but Omicron is knocking on the door of Beijing; It was a rough week in Washington for President Biden; Is 2022 the year of the electric truck?; And remembering the life of Bob Saget.
Published 01/14/22
The start of the year feels like the start of 2021 with COVID forcing changes across the country: one year since January 6th, what was it like covering the day? A new limited docuseries by ABC News take a look at Mamie Till-Mobley's fight for justice; And 'Dry January' doesn't have to be boring
Published 01/07/22
Published 01/07/22