COVID-19: boosters, divorce, and a mental health crisis
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The mental health crisis kids face as the world weathers the pandemic and other factors including divorce. Mixing and matching COVID-19 boosters. Supply chain problems, NFL's race norming settlement, the Dave Chappelle controversy, stigmitizing Spanglish, and celebrating the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial.
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Published 05/20/22
What is was like on the ground following the Buffalo mass shooting; What is 'replacement theory' and why it concerns law enforcement; Breaking the stigma around mental health and black women; An inside look at Freeform's, we're new 4-part docuseries "The Deep End;" And its not just the Queen's...
Published 05/20/22
As the US reaches 1 million covid deaths, hear from one of the widows of the million lost; How is Planned Parenthood in Illinois planning in being one of the only midwestern states to allow abortions? We asked them; Why it is a worry time for parents of young kids; Saying goodbye to the iPod;...
Published 05/13/22