An Autopsy Of Your Life: Living By Design Part Ten
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Now is the time to perform an autopsy of your life. In the final episode of the "Living By Design" series, Dr. Phil guides you through implementing the steps you need to fulfill your life's journey. It's never too late to start! Thank You To Our Sponsor: Code: Phil10 for 10% off For more information: Listen and subscribe here: Advertise with us: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 10/03/23
In the finale of "Relationship Reality Check," Dr. Phil drives home a crucial point: friendship is the bedrock of any strong relationship. Be the friend you wish to have – it’s about change, vulnerability, and boosting your partner’s self-worth. Creating a harmonious home starts with making your...
Published 10/03/23
In part seven of Relationship Reality Check, Dr. Phil drops some relationship wisdom: It's on you to own your actions and mindset. Don't give up on yourself or your partner. Grow and evolve instead of playing the blame game. Rekindle what made your partner fall for you in the first place and...
Published 09/26/23