Navigating Narcissism
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The term 'narcissist' is having a moment right now- but is the word being overused? It's important to know exactly who and what you are dealing with. An accurate, clear understanding of narcissistic behavior is essential to living with this condition. Dr. Phil discusses narcissistic personality disorder and how to deal with individuals who exhibit this behavior. Narcissists have a pattern of grandiosity, lack empathy, and see themselves as superior. They can be difficult to confront since they manipulate and gaslight others. Dealing with narcissists involves setting boundaries and recognizing their behavior. Dr. Phil emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself, having a support system, and being aware of narcissistic behavior to prevent exploitation. Thank You To Our Sponsor: Code: Phil10 for 10% off For more information: Listen and subscribe here: Advertise with us: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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