Lecture 12: The Imagery Debate: The Role of the Brain
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This lecture covers imagery; visual mental images; sensory input; memory; depictive representation; propositional representation; processing systems; spatial medium; visual cortex; neural systems.
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This lecture covers the three theories of consciousness; explanatory gap; first order and higher order difference; transitivity principle; ambitious vs. modest higher order; ambitious higher order theory; neuroscience; psychology.
Published 07/26/12
This lecture covers science of consciousness, philosophy, neuroscience, neurocomputational processing, psychology, cognitive and behavioral functions, subjective experience; behavior; brain processes.
Published 07/26/12
This lecture covers John Locke; Molyneux's problem; blindness; vision; pre-op vision; post-op vision; stimulus; cataracts; cross modal testing; rapid learning; touch.
Published 07/26/12