Concealing a Hadron: Particle Physics 101.1
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Can you tell your quarks from your elbow? If not, never fear, because these episodes will be your guide to particle physics, and, specifically, what’s called the Standard Model. Has absolutely nothing to do with the catwalk, but instead the fundamental building blocks that make up all of visible matter and energy in the Universe. You can listen to all of our archived episodes up at or listen to our sister podcast, Autocracy Now, at On the physicspodcast website, you will find a contact form where you can discuss any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions for future show topics or interview guests - we'd love to hear from you. You can also donate to the show, subscribe to our Patreon, or buy extra episodes if you want to help support us for what we do.  You can also contact us via Twitter @physicspod or @autocracynow.  This episode was brought to you by the American National Standards Institute. To find out more, visit 
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